Altering The Course of Climate Change, Together.

The Project Canary Foundation is dedicated to plugging abandoned oil and gas wells to make a measurable impact on the course of climate change.

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There are over 2 million orphaned oil and gas wells currently in the U.S., according to estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

These wells can leak harmful methane into the air, posing a threat to our land, water, communities and climate:


Emitting roughly 281 kilotons of methane each year1


Spanning 28 states across the U.S.2


Impacting 9 million Americans living within 1 mile of an orphaned well3

Our team sees this widely unrecognized problem as an opportunity to put the Project Canary mission into action and make a measurable impact on the course of climate change.

Let's Get to Work.

Introducing the Project Canary Foundation

Project Canary is proud to introduce the Project Canary Foundation, a non-profit organization spearheading national P&A efforts to address this widely unseen problem. We’re building a team, working with likeminded partners, and dedicating our own resources to evaluate, seal, and confirm abandoned wells are no longer emitting greenhouse gasses.

As a first step, we’re accepting personal donations from our community to support our efforts.

Be a Part of the Solution

Our Partners

Our team of climate scientists, engineers, and likeminded partners are equally committed to accelerating Project Canary’s mission.

Fellow Environmental Partners
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Our Technology

Not only are we partnering with nonprofits and organizations to execute P&A initiatives, we’re dedicating our own resources and technology to ensure wells are properly plugged.

Project Canary’s high-tech devices sample air every second and detect methane releases, providing real-time information on the impacts of our P&A efforts across the nation.

Dive deeper into the issue and learn more about the impact of abandoned oil and gas wells.

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